Saturday, April 9

S & P downgrades Greece, Portugal

Standard & poor's credit ratings for Greece and Portugal downgraded on Tuesday, Greece are a notch lower in the junk-e status and Portugal above.

S & P downgraded from BB + to BB Greece. The Agency said the country's borrowing needs are such that probably loans help it more about the euro110 billion ($ 155 billion), that it is get countries from the International Monetary Fund and other euro-zone.

Portugal's credit rating slipped a notch to just above junk status, his second downgrade in less than a week as is that owed country with a political crisis.

S & P cited the prospect of unsecured public debt future loans from the European stability mechanism Fund, said it was likely to reach Portugal subordinate.

"In the light of Portugal's weakened capital market access and its likely to have significant external financing needs in the next few years, it is our view that Portugal probably the EFSF (the current euro Rescue Fund) and then accesses the ESM," the Agency said.

S & P's BBB-minus rating, the lowest investment grade, is A3 far under Moody's and Fitch Ratings to A-minus.

Greece was rescued by the edge of the standard in the last year of the three year rescue package. On the other hand, it has its economy were overhaul and strict austerity measures, including public sector salary cuts and increased taxes.

But it essentially blocked that market by prohibitively high interest rates on its bonds remains required long-term debt, and has the country meet sales targets fight.

"Persistent in the face of Greece significant borrowing needs, we believe that it is very likely that Greece access" bailout funds for countries in the euro zone, S & P said.

The associated press contributed to this report.

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