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China encourages meetings this week with U.S.

WASHINGTON--five years and a financial crisis since the United States and China began regular economic talks at the highest level, fast the upper hand may be growing Beijing this week in the last round of discussions between the world's two largest economies.

China faces threat of sanctions against were delivered to its largest foreign market, when it no longer, what US producers say, unfair trade practices, including currency manipulation, are, which have cost American jobs to finish.

At the same time wants to America's largest foreign lender assurances that its $1.2 trillion in U.S. Treasury are safe despite uncertainties in Washington about how much money can hire the United States to pay your bills. Defaults Congress that debt limit increase from August, which would likely send interest rates soaring fast and reduce the value of the Chinese investment.

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While analysts predict important breakthroughs in the talks on Monday and Tuesday, could be China's growing economic greater leverage now there.

"The emphasis shifted methodological if slowly ahead," possibly due to a maturing relationship between the two Nations, said Eswar Prasad, a China expert at Cornell University.

Leads the Obama administrative delegation at the strategic and economic dialogue are Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. Visit the US Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke and officials from 16 federal agencies, to.

The Chinese team led by Vice Premier Wang Qishan, a top of economic Policymaker, and includes officials from 20 government agencies.

The talks began during the Bush administration in 2006. They have expanded the foreign policy under President Barack Obama as well as cover.

U.S. economic target unchanged: urge China to the to move to increase its currency against the dollar in the value faster. US exports cheaper products would make more expensive in China and Chinese in the United States. It would also help narrow America's trade deficit with China, its largest with any country.

When the talks started, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, a former head of Goldman Sachs, taught Chinese officials on how much their business performance is better, when it eased controls on its currency and financial markets.

But the Chinese emerged from the global financial crisis in better shape than other economic powers, mainly because of their strong markets regulated. In this way, and much faster than in the United States Beijing won economic influence.

"The global financial crisis the dynamics of the relationship, changed", said Nicholas Lardy, a China expert at the Peterson Institute for international economics. "It increased China's confidence in economic issues."

While Geithner last week said that China would push to speed up the efforts to revalue its currency, the Yuan, the United States, sound he also a conciliatory tone. He noted that the Yuan is worth 5 percent since June last year increased, and even faster inflation taken into account was.

Geithner said it was encouraging that Beijing, US views to approve that a faster appreciation of the Yuan would help China has stoked off inflation, choking the escalating growth of the country was started.

A soft approach on China's currency would not seem to American manufacturers please. They claim that China's currency to as much as 40% is undervalued and they want Congress to approve economic sanctions if Beijing faster move not.

The US trade deficit with China last year was a record of 273 billion dollars, a fifth more than in 2009. The Government is considering filing new cases trade against Chinese practices that claim US companies are unfair.

In the meetings, China is to concerns about the distance between the Administration and Congress on raising the Government increase borrowing limit $14.3 trillion. Geithner told Congress, the United States could default on its debt, if the border of Aug. 2 not is increased.

"The Chinese to this problem affected are, because they keep a lot of US debt," said Prasad. "The Chinese are surprised that the Government get the debate on the stage would be where there is even a remote possibility of a default."

On other issues, US officials say that they want to see further progress on the economic commitments, the Chinese President Jintao Obama Hu visited in January. The closer monitoring of the Chinese Government include purchases of software, a movement to increase Beijing's purchase of the legal U.S. software and reduce the use of pirated software. American companies say that such theft costs it billions in lost sales.

The Chinese also pledged to renew a policy, which limited the ability of U.S. businesses for Chinese Government projects to compete when the products in China are being developed. American companies view this as an effort to turn them on their technology to China or its Government blocked market are to force.

American businesses say that they have seen little progress by China, the obligations during Hu's visit to honor.

In foreign policy, said China's support in dealing with nuclear threat by to renew North Korea and the Iran will officials to Clinton efforts and they solve the problem of human rights. The Chinese agreed, have some top officers with their counterparts from U.S. meet. This is a first for these talks and a development seen as an effort to ease tensions.

Chinese officials said Friday they were ready to discuss human rights. Recently, China undertook the largest security roundup in years apparently by the Communist leadership fears about the Middle East-inspired riots migration to China asked.

Although analysts predict no major breakthroughs talks this week, said Prasad, which can reflect a maturing relationship between the two Nations.

"The emphasis shifted to methodical if slowly forward rather than..." He said "Arrival in dramatic breakthroughs,".

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