Saturday, August 6

$720 House can be build in a week

The world's cheapest car is produced by the Tata Group. So is the cheapest water filters. Now the Indian company sets their sights on the housing market with a $720 flat pack at home, that can be created in one week.

The basic flat pack model is 215 square feet, consists of walls and Interior fiber optic or jute coconut, and has a life expectancy of only 20 years. Tata plans to a prefabricated house Kit, contains Windows, roofs, doors and more customers to offer.

With such a short lifespan, Tata flat pack is not ideal for, say, city developments. Instead, Tata plans to private buyers that have properties, as well as with regard to the State Governments, which until the houses India's homeless sell and poor could offer. Tata also plans, a larger version with roof solar panels and a veranda, which may for certain buyers more attractive market.

Tata is currently testing the home in West Bengal. Should it be commercially India available in the next six to eight months in accordance with the independent. For those of us outside of India, who could benefit from an ultra home that provide $300-House project much inspiration for DIY efforts.

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