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US is 'Parasite' on world economy, Putin says

SELIGER Lake, Russia - Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin accused Americans Monday "Living like parasites" on the world economy, pointing out that Russia has a large amount of U.S. debt.

"they are beyond their means life and shift a part of the weight of their problems on the global economy", Putin said the Kremlin during the tour youth group Nashi lakeside summer camp be some five hours north of Moscow.

"they like parasites from the global economy and its monopoly of the dollar life," Putin at the open-air meeting saw with young Russians in what testified before parliamentary and presidential elections to admire surveys such as the early campaigns.

Announced to cut $2.4 trillion from the US deficit a last desperate much sooner than a decade ago, avoid a crushing debt default and stave off President Barack Obama the risk, that the nation of AAA-rating would be downgraded.

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The deal originally calms fears and heights resulted in three months Russian shares jump jitters about the possibility, but remained a credit downgrade.

"I thank God that she had enough common sense and responsibility to make a balanced decision" Putin added.

But the Russian Prime Minister, who often U.S. foreign policy has criticized, pointed out that Russia holds a lot of US bonds and Government bonds.

The young Russians "If over there (in America) is a systemic failure, this affects everyone," said Putin.

"Countries like Russia and China hold a significant part of their reserves in American securities..." There should be other reserve currencies, "he added."

Gesauerter U.S.-Russian relations as Putin's 2000-2008-presidency but have significantly his protege and successor, heated, as President Dmitry Medvedev on Obama's request stated responds for a "reset" in bilateral relations.

Casually dressed in khaki pants and a white striped shirt, Putin by helicopter flew camp in the context of a string of appearances, closely observed the elections in that.

He did not say whether he plans a return to the Kremlin or aside are for Medvedev, his partner in Russia's leadership tandem will run for a second term.

But young people crowded round Putin, caught up in the election campaign spirit created by huge portraits of Putin hung from trees, were not shy to say they wanted as President.

"Russia's next President will be small, bald and look like Putin," 17-year-old Ilya Mzokov joked with reporters. Why not pay Medvedev was a visit in which he said summer camp: "Only serious people come here."

Young people chanted Putin's name and applauded his remarks as he strolled around the camp in which U.S.-style business seminars, extreme sports and political mudslinging on the subject were offered.

Putin, whose macho-Image appeals to many Russians, a climbing wall, briefly swung to a first half by a bevy of State television cameras filmed.

Nashi, which means "Our People", a pro-Moscow counter to popular dissent was activism by the Kremlin for youth helped to overthrow the Government in the Ukraine 2005 Orange Revolution.

The group worked to Putin and regularly to spread a cult of personality campaigns against the Kremlin critic.

Opinion polls show that Putin still widely regarded as the greatest leader of the country retains close to 70 percent approval.

But his party United Russia seeks to help reverse a slide in the popularity a strong shows parliamentary polls before December in the hope it use to Putin in the March 2012 presidential election.

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