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Who has most debt? Answer may surprise

We here in the United States long has scratchy on our national debt recently. While we much debt, we must however not nearly as bad shape as some of our colleagues.

If public gross debt is regarded as a percentage of the GDP of a country, it turns out, Japan has the No. 1 spot. Japan's debt is more than twice its annual gross domestic product, many estimates.

On the other hand government debt of United States is closer to 100 per cent of GDP gross, according to estimates of the International Monetary Fund and the Organisation for economic cooperation and development.

That puts even the United States in a better State than in other industrialized countries such as Greece, Italy and Ireland, the OECD estimates. Of course, you are among the European countries, their high level of debt in the last few months have been concerns.

Here, the 10 developed countries with which to the most gross debt, compared to GDP, are based on the OECD forecasts for 2011:

Japan - 213 percent of GDPGreece - 157 PercentItaly - 129 PercentIceland - 121 - 120 PercentPortugal - PercentIreland 111 PercentUnited States - 101 PercentBelgium - 101 PercentFrance - 97 PercentUnited Kingdom - 89 percent

Worried about the growing U.S. debt, combined with worries about the uncertain strategy for dealing with debt, played a level from the highest AAA rating to AA in standard & poor's recent decision, the assessment of the country's long-term debt securities + to reduce.

In Japan debt slowly in the 1990s as the Japanese Government, which attempts to more money in the economy pump stimulate growth exploded, said Matthias Rumpf, media officer with the OECD. The period is sometimes called it "lost decade", because economic growth thus was anemic.

Japan's long-term debt rate is currently at AA, a couple of notches below the U.S. assessment according to standard & poor's.

Although Japan has much debt, not some experts see their debts almost as risky as many other countries. This is because not all debt is the same.

In Japan a large part of the country debts domestically is held, said Jan Randolph, Director of sovereign risk for economic research firm IHS global insight. On the other hand, a large part of the United States is debt of other countries such as China held.

Who has the most U.S. debt?

"(Japan) is not on the same plays, because most of its domestic debt is financed," Randolph said.

The United States differs also, that the debt quickly in the last years as the country to deal with the financial tries, housing crisis, increased credit and shake the great recession.

"The United States traditionally relatively low, caused when compared to other developed countries", said Randolph. "The problem is the financial crisis hit."

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