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To develop economy, says fed

Wal-Mart Announces same-day delivery service in his latest attempt to capture Amazon's business. NBC Chris Clackum reports.

Touted sales today help strong sales at its U.S. grocery store and a great start to holiday Layaway Wal-Mart Stores Inc., to send shares of the world's largest traders on an all-time high.

Wal-Mart has put lined up holiday season $400 million in US Layaway sales in less than a month, half of the amount shoppers for all the 2011 on ice. This comes as the chain of concerted push to shoppers before the typical start of the holiday season to lure makes.

Shares of Wal-Mart reached as high as today 76,81 and closed at $75,42, its annual meeting with analysts and investors instead, which aired as the company over the Internet.

Wal-Mart United States plans, more than twice as many of its neighborhood market grocery stores in the United States more pressure on grocers by fiscal 2016, ¤ ft such as Kroger Co, Safeway Inc. and SUPERVALU Inc.

The stores, which are smaller than conventional Super Center and focus on food, have more profitable as Wal-Mart adds more of them. For existing neighborhood market store sales at a rate of more than 5 percent, or double the rate of overall Wal-Mart US chain.

"they kind of keys to the Castle now have," said Susquehanna Financial Group analyst Bob summers, who has a "buy" evaluation on Wal-Mart from the neighborhood market format.

Wal-Mart should more than 240 neighborhood market end fiscal year 2013 ends in January, and more than 500 tax 2016 stores adding more than 10 billion ultimately $ sales of company's US Chief Bill Simon said.

Meet in the year since the last investor has recovered Wal-Mart US arm, by far the largest business, from a prolonged slump. At the same time its international activities under the microscope have taken, the times article to a New York in April over alleged bribery on its Mexican unit.

Investors have the bribery probe, dismissed, which already Wal-Mart tens of millions of dollars, took as takes it, a closer look at the operations around the globe. Shares of Wal-Mart are about 22 percent since shortly before the New York Times story was published, with a 3 percent rise in the Dow Jones industrial average, compared the Wal-Mart is a component.

More than half of Wal-Mart shares are owned by the family of founder Sam Walton.

Large orders for the holiday season

Wal-Mart United States prepares for a strong holiday season, order, twice as many iPads from Apple Inc. and Duncan Mac Naughton, head of merchandising and marketing officer at Wal-Mart United States said other tablet computers like last year,

The company started also a Layaway of mid-September, a month earlier than it did when the service, again started offering it in 2011. With Layaway can buyers in the purchase of certain articles to put it on hold and they pay over the course of time.

"they could conceivably do 50 percent more Layaway this year than in the previous year" the has the potential, half a percentage point, the same sales growth, memory add, Susquehanna analyst Summers said.

Wal-Mart United States has now four consecutive quarters of same store sales growth after nine straight quarterly declines, although the pace of growth slowed to 2.2 percent in the second quarter from 2.6 percent in the first quarter released. The pace of the same storage quarterly sales growth routes nor competitors such as target Corp. and dollar General Corp.

Plans for Wal-Mart US of this holiday season include, offering sales prices on certain toys Tuesday due to feedback weekend of social media followers and with 100 "Twitter Elves" to help with marketing and customer service on the popular microblogging site. That said Sam's Club warehouse chain, holiday season plans include children place merchandise in their stores sell Sam's Club CEO Rosalind Brewer.

Wal-Mart almost everywhere winning market share, it is running, stores and still its international business as the engine of growth despite his decision looks to slow down the pace of store openings in some important countries, said CEO Mike Duke.

Duke also said that he believes that the company "plays to win in a very real way now" in e-commerce. He said he pleased with Wal-Mart advances in online search and other areas.

Wal-Mart still plans to open more stores around the world, but as this year announced it, it slows down the pace of store openings in Brazil, China and Mexico. In Brazil and China has Wal-Mart said that he would like to work on the improvements in its hundreds of shops. Meanwhile, the store process has permission from Mexico, where its local partners more than 2,000 sites has slowed down and be had bribed more complex following allegations that Government officials speed up the company approvals.

Wal-Mart United States plans about add, 205 fiscal year 2014 in this fiscal year and approximately 220-240 stores. Open Sam's Club plans, nine stores this year and next year of 10 to 15.

Wal-Mart international plans to add 21 million to 23 million square meters of space in the year 2013, down from an original target of 30 million. You plans to add another 20 million to 22 million square metres of space in fiscal 2014.

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