Saturday, November 3

Confession time: panty liner show are not real Kyle Michael Miller takes a look at the form of the body in response to a Facebook Ranter.

Richard Neill almost certainly thought that he was the wittier.

Last week he took to Facebook rant sarcastically that a British female hygiene company had lied him with the spots, which implies that always the period only one excuse for a series of joyful adventure.

Body shape, the British company that makes the panty liners in issue, showed him that she could not only the criticism they could it do better.

Body form on Tuesday posted a parody video at YouTube and Facebook. Managing Director is fake the company apologized and fessed up about the joyful feminine hygiene commercials.

"What so far you've seen in our ads is not a factual account of the events." You are right. The blatant use of visualizations such as sky diving, roller blading and mountain biking - you forgot, metaphors are actually riding, Richard. "They are not real," faux dark intones CEO, who termed it Caroline Williams. "Does sorry, that tell me to you, that this be, but there is no such thing as a happy time."

The post came a few days after Neill that rant went viral, which calls more than 84,000 Facebook "likes" and thousands of comments along the lines "this love."

Grew opines Neill in it, that he is jealous of all these women have to spend periods of their cycling, dancing, parachuting and the like. Then, he said, he was with the reality of the time, that the month confronted when he "has a friend."

"There was no joy, no extreme sports, no blue water spill over wings and no rocking soundtrack Oh, no no no", he wrote.

Body form replied: "If a Facebook 'love' - button had, we would chose it." But it doesn't work. "So we did instead Richard a video."

Tim Calkins, clinical professor at the Northwestern University, marketing, parody, said the video response is exactly the kind of marketing more companies need to do. He praised the company for the risk of being funny and a bit nervous.

"The reason why, it works the is, it feels very kind of real, responded that the company listens and they are and they have a sense of humor, but she stick to themselves," Calkins said.

He noted that it is also a world away craft messages from traditional marketing, the company months carefully and come up with advertising campaigns can spend.

"This, though, is an example of a company that builds its brand but in a way, the timely and authentic and funny," he said.

Body shape, which is based in the United Kingdom, could not to comment at the time of publication. You can view the full video on YouTube

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