Friday, November 9

Playboy Club in India - but no 'Hares'

MUMBAI--the Playboy Club after India - but with "Bunnies" not revealing outfits comes.

"The costumes of the bunnies that are an integral part of Playboy culture, based on Indian sensibilities and morality," Sanjay Gupta, CEO of PB lifestyle, which brings the brand in India by a license agreement, told of Reuters.

India has strict censorship laws and there is no Indian version of Hugh Hefner Playboy Magazine, which became known for his paintings of naked women for the hedonistic lifestyle propagated by its founder in life called.

Playboy Bunny or waitresses wear usually matte black bodices, bow tie, cuffs and bunny ears. PB has not yet chosen lifestyle, what wearing waitresses in India, a socially conservative country, where it is for couples to hold hands in public is frowned upon.

Even a popular Cricket Tournament drew criticism and threats, as it hired foreign cheerleaders in short dresses, forcing the organizers, less skin showing outfits to renew.

"Our clubs do not have no nudity." So there should be no problems, and we are ready to cope if there any, "said Gupta, whose media and real estate company a 30-year licensing agreement signed with American Playboy Enterprises Inc"

Gupta company plans to use the Playboy brand and its icon of rabbit-head logo on clubs, bars, hotels and Cafes and spend 2 billion rupees ($37 million) in the first five years. The first Playboy India are followed by a a Club Resort State of Goa, in Hyderabad.

Whether the trade mark Playboy in sold remains to be seen a toned-down version.

"they are linked to lightly clad women, fun and pleasure." "What's the point to get so boring after India Playboy?"asked 25-year Yash Sanghavi, senior digital advertising.

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