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Small businesses struggling to recover from Sandy

Small businesses struggling to recover from Sandy

After filling trays with ruined inventory, advised many owners of New York City shops and restaurants wait for emergency loans and insurance or to try to finance their recovery by Sandy Superstorm personally.

Progress is uneven on lower Manhattan's trendy Avenue C, which was heavily flooded the historic storm over the past week.

Demand was a still unheated hardware store doing a cleanup and busy trade but a supermarket on the next block equipment was still closed and in disarray, one and one half week after Sandy flooded their basement and selling floor. A bar and a beer shopping on the other side of the road was open, but serve a limited menu for less than the usual customers.

"We have not the product to sell and we have to sell, not the people," said Zach Mack, co-owner of ABC beer co., which last week flooded for days save power.

The massive storm lashed ashore Oct. 29 and caused widespread flooding in New York and New Jersey, to more than 50 billion $ results in economic losses. The recovery effort, already by hindered sustained power outages and fuel shortages, was dealt another setback this week when a nor blew through Easter, provides the range of the first snow of the season.

With PSTN always still down, companies lose they say potential sales because they accept non credit card payments and insist on cash.

Recovery of the destroyed camps and equipment is slow because many suppliers were lost in flooded halls have and deliveries have been stopped if truck is either damaged or were not gas found after the crippling storm.

"It is by the fact, people here get so their own lives in order, they are not go out again put together," Mack said, though election night drew a decent crowd for his company.

How other entrepreneurs neighborhood told Mack that he was for emergency loans from the Federal Administration for small businesses and the city of the application.

The emergency increases Mayor Michael Bloomberg loans for small and medium-sized businesses by Sandy on $25,000 affected, and they are interest-free for the first six months. Around 1,000 companies have asked about the loan, said a spokeswoman for the Mayor.

On Friday morning low-interest loan of up to $2 million crowded more than 200 entrepreneurs Community Center neighborhood learn more about the loan request a gymnasium of the city and the SBA, offers. Many had complaints about utilities and grants referred to rather than loans should be.

After a weekend, filling a dumpster with flood damaged goods, hardware store owner Monica Pedreros said she would rather plunge into their savings as an emergency loan to take, they say new debt could not afford.

Laura Tribuno, co-owner of a nearby restaurant of Austrian cuisine, with a scaled-down menu again manufactured, said that it had requested in order to determine whether it was for the emergency loans but was undecided are, whether they were created in the value of interest.

C Avenue entrepreneurs say they have begun, claims file, but some are paralyzed by everything from telephone and Internet outages of the absence of an accounting staff still dealing with their own personal crises of the deadly storm.

For now, companies rely on their customers and the generosity of others. Many entrepreneurs said providers have offered, give them more time to pay bills, and some already wearing gloves, masks and boots strangers on their doorstep, and helps to drain basements and ruined the roadside equipment arriving towing.

"they made, what seemed like an insurmountable task of much go faster," Mack said.

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