Monday, November 26

Stocks end lower amid investor concern

From news agencies, NBC News
Stocks Wednesday as investors declined strongly worried about U.S. budget negotiations and a flare-up of violence in the Middle East.

Stock indexes opened higher, but you had through trade in the late morning into the negative area slipped.

In addition to the selling pressure, Israel launched a major offensive against the Palestinian militants in Gaza, Commander of Hamas in an air strike killing and threatened an invasion of the enclave.

The S & P 500 had powered by uncertainty about the looming U.S. "fiscal cliff" and concerns the European economic difficulties with the most losses fallen 3.8 percent over the last five trading days.

The index for a fourth day in a row on Tuesday under the closed, a technical indicator, which suggests recent decline in Dynamics, 200-day moving average could win.

Trading was volatile, hard to keep up with positive dynamics.

"It seems as if everyone gets a little rally we get sold in a trend that has been consistent and what," said Christian Wagner, Chief Executive Officer of Longview Capital Management in Wilmington, Delaware. "This could be the new normal, until the fiscal Cliff is resolved, and that make for a difficult environment."

A muted reaction to a jump showed stocks in the sale in the retail trade for October. Analysts had expected sales drop due to the storm, in the northeast of the United States hit. Producer prices fell 0.2 percent in October an expectation for a rise of 0.2 percent against.

Dow component Cisco Systems Inc. reported earnings in the first quarter and revenue beat late Tuesday the expectations.

Seen as a harbinger for the expenditure for information technology reach due to its global and customers in all areas could help Cisco, the tech sector.

Technology stocks have in the past two months, almost 10 percent dropped from Google and other disappointments dragged the result down. Tech was the worst performance on Tuesday.

"For Cisco, expectations in an environment to beat as this is large and for disposal of solid speaks on the company," said Wagner. "Hopefully make this something for the technology sector, which has so been injured lately by Apple."

Apple, the most valuable U.S. company in the last few months has plunged 20 percent from its peak.

Reuters contributed to this report.

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