Thursday, December 27

Steve Jobs yacht seized over unpaid Bill

Steve Jobs yacht seized over unpaid Bill

AMSTERDAM - a super yacht built for Apple Inc. late co-founder of Steve jobs in Amsterdam seized due to a dispute over an unpaid invoice designer Philippe Starck has been, a lawyer said on Friday.

Jobs, who died last year after his name and fortune at Apple make, never got, but had to use the yacht - Venus - called the French designer working on board a ship, more than EUR 100 million building costs in order given.

Lawyer, Starck company Ubik which EUR 9 million for his work on the vessel minimalist had told of Reuters of his client's 6 million euro from a Commission and sought now restore the rest of what he was owed.

The yacht was on Wednesday evening, dammed, the lawyer said, and will remain in the port of Amsterdam real estate jobs' until the payment is received by lawyers.

"The project has been since 2007 and it had much detailed conversation between jobs and Starck," said Roelant Klaassen, a lawyer who represents Ubik,.

"These guys familiar to each other there was a very detailed contract does not," he said.

The lawyer, jobs real estate represents could not immediately reached for comment.

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