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Small businesses are tax security, political uncertainty

Small businesses are tax security, political uncertainty

Allison Linn, NBC News

Shouted Jeff Schneider ever recently its busiest November and December, as the tax preparer small business information, such as the fiscal Cliff negotiations could affect their taxes.

"It was incredible," said Schneider, who directs SFS taxes and accounting in Port St. Lucie, Florida

The last minute offer to avert the fiscal cliff of left clients at least to know what their tax bills would look like.

But Schneider said that he will stop some gripes in the midst of the ongoing political bickering over the debt ceiling, spending cuts and other issues. This is despite the fact that some speak even about their business expand or the opening of new locations.

"If you speak they tell the people face to face, that the economy stinks, but they're talking about as economically, politically", said Schneider, whose kunden include doctors, dentists, a pawn shop, and even an oxygen bar.

It is no secret that the Americans fed up with all the political squabbling over taxes, spending and debt of the Federal Republic. For some small business owners, the frustration with fear is whether or not coloured: they are concerned that the Congress will hurt the economic recovery the inability to find common ground, and cut into their business.

Bill Darling, Chief Economist, who said the National Federation of independent businesses, one of four companies the small business trade group in December said that it was a bad time to expand because of the political uncertainty. This is despite other signs that the economy is slowly better in areas such as housing and employment.

He said that many small businesses also reported that issues such as insecurity, Government, politics, and health costs involved their top issues.

He said "things, which you think, that companies make, was way down on the list". "Government dominates the top of the list."

Taxes are not the only problem it says has the potential to hurt small businesses. The small business trade group has been an outspoken opponent of President Barack Obama health care plan, the affordable care Act. The Group was a lead plaintiff in the proceedings of the Supreme Court, which tries to stop the plan.

Dark mountain said that it is too early to say whether political concerns and Government bonds ease in January, now that the fiscal Cliff problems are fixed. Congress is still on other issues such as the nation of credit recording limit and possible federal spending cuts scramble. Both could rely with the Government or else small business owners damage, the agreement on government spending.

But some say that for many small business owners with whom they work together, the fiscal Cliff negotiations were the major possible distraction, because it directly affects their taxes.

"When finally made the compromise, I think a general sigh of relief, at least something was, what had happened there", said Kim Loewer, a tax practitioner, operates Lower and employees in Weyridge, VT. "The uncertainty was gone away."

Now, many of the MOM and pop shops he works with know what are their tax liabilities, said Lower, that they can better plan for things like hiring and expansion.

In General, Lower, said that his customers that the entire spectrum of advisers to retailers lead - usually reports that business is going well.

"I don't hear as much about the economy not more where is", he said. "I think that right now, from the point of view of my clients, we have seen, to do better this year, an uptick in the economy (and) their business."

Schneider, the tax preparer in Florida, said that he will be expanded advertising efforts and social media for its own accounting and bookkeeping for small businesses. This is on the theory that more money for marketing draw in more customers, even if the economy is not so strong.

He is even in his wife, interior designer, to combat the effects of the recession and the weak economic recovery.

He said 'I your Feng Shui my Office made so that I could get rid of the bad mood'.

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