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CSX among 10 stocks to watch

CSX among 10 stocks to watch
| By Mark Baumgartner, MSN Money

The largest railway operator in the Eastern United States appear on MSN Money list of recommended stocks.

Economist Ben Bernanke on down love look at the railways an overview of what works in the U.S. economy and what is not.

Data from the Association of American railroads to reflect a relaxed housing market and a return to pre-recession of the demand for automobiles.

At the other end of the spectrum, grain shipments to almost 10% were an indication of the severity of the drought that has plagued farmers in the Midwest last year.

The nation shale gas boom is reflected also in the railway data: shipments of coal, main cargo operators like CSX (CSX), have slumped, as utilities turning to cheaper and cleaner natural gas, to turn the turbines, generating electricity.

CSX said coal supplies 19% were 3.1% in the fourth quarter, the most important factor for the company, that result will go back in time. The company managed to limit the pain, but about cost reductions and higher shipments of other cargo.

CSX is a daily list of StockScouter, a MSN Money tool, the stocks with strong growth prospects in the near future features created. All stock with Scout ratings of 8, 9 or 10 shall apply to the list, which is then truncated, exclude those with a trade volume of under 50,000 shares per day. The remainders are mapped according to market capitalisation, sector membership, and whether they are growth or value stocks.

Jacksonville, Florida, company operates a rail system, which includes 21,000 km of the route, and 70 ports over 23 States, primarily in the Eastern United States and two Canadian provinces. CSX drags also freight on intermodality (rail, ship, and truck).

While coal out of favor in the United States is, remains valuable source of energy worldwide, particularly in developing countries in Europe and where natural gas alternatives Asia, are not easily accessible, and any transition to the gas or renewable energy could take decades.

The International Energy Agency estimates that global coal will grow demand by 600,000 tonnes per day with most of the demand from China and India in the next five years.

China depends on coal for 70 percent of its energy needs. The world's most populous country 16 large coal power plants has reported plans to add up to the year 2016 as part of his economic five-year plan, the IEA.

The United States is a first-class provider of this coal.

In the last five years CSX shipments of coal for export have climbed from 13 tons per year to 40 tons, and the company expected that this trend will continue. The rail shipments of coal to domestic utilities, meanwhile, pointed in 2006 to 162 tons and decreased since, how inefficient plants are locked, and even efficient plants to store carbon, while they burn more natural gas.

Betting on a continuation of the shale gas boom poses risks given the controversial nature of the hydraulic fracturing technology used to tap the reserves previously out of reach.

But economists are increasingly confident that a long-term supply of natural gas will do relatively clean and affordable miracle of growth in the United States, especially in the manufacturing sector, which has started a young "in-sourcing" trend to cheaper fuel costs and skilled workers in the United States use to sending print jobs to cheaper countries for decades.

25 Analysts covering the company 12 rate the stock a "strong buy", and 13 have "keep a recommendation".

CSX has an StockScouter rating of 9, which means that the stock is expected in the next six months with less than average risk clearly to outperform the market.

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New York Community Bancorp(NYCB)

Here at MSN Money, we think, that ours is about as good as's StockScouter rating system goes, if you are trying to decide where they invest. StockScouter looks on based predictions for stocks, whose business fundamentals, price, valuation and stock ownership appear characteristics to a rising price in the future as these factors have influenced the stock prices in the past.

The system assigns each bearing a much-anticipated six month return and balance this return against expected volatility of the stock. Scout rates stocks on a scale of 1 to 10 and reviews can change daily. Ratings and data in the table listed goods stand at the publication of this article.

In addition to the daily top 10 list above, of research firm of Verus Analytics StockScouter used described, (previously known as gradient Analytics quantitative business unit), to generate a monthly benchmark portfolio of stocks that has updated monthly since its inception in August 2001 the market grew.

An investor, who in 2001 began, through investments in each of the benchmark portfolio top 10 stocks at the beginning of the month, at the end of the month and then start fresh with a new group of ten shares would sell there, before trading costs and taxes, 909-28 February 2013 have generated %.

A columnist for MSN Money, with companies began working at the time writer Jon Markman, researchers on the tool. Markman suggested the top 10 stocks roll over every six months to keep trading costs, a strategy that may be a better fit for most investors. That would come to different results that are different, would based on your starting point.

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