Thursday, March 14

Wall St. is manipulated. Benefit

| By tiary robes. Bloomberg BusinessWeek

Hybris sentenced nearly the financial system. Railing against the bailouts felt right, but they also should have used, that the system would rally new.

Our system is rigged. Unfair. The little man hopelessly carelessly.

All true. But really have a better choice? Did you honestly think Washington was to make all error - and for good? Finally, the Fannie Mae (FNMA) and Freddie Mac (FMCC) that secure the resurgent mortgage market almost single-handedly supported? Who more than 2 trillion $ in suppressing interest rates to record lows pumped?

This is the lesson that should be we all like the Dow Jones industrial average to yet another record close. How wall the great recession go through Street, contained over Washington after it survived (and thrived) crises such as the collapse of long term capital management and savings & loans carry is the teaching. You could the bailouts shaking your fist at all sollten--; the record Bank profits, which are once again accrue to shareholders and executives. the asymmetry of the bailout of now incredibly large institutions, if so many people had to mail back the keys to their homes. But in hindsight 20/20, it was also clever trust to protect the runaway cynicism, that would take care of system itself.

In other words, you should be in, literally bought.

Yes, food-stamp use is also at a record high. Chronic unemployment is bordered by resistance. Real median household wealth is low on a decade. Historical levels suggest abandonment equity in the last year. Also with this week, nearly six out of ten Americans think market milestone always still the country is in a recession. So, what signal the largest banks. After the big six second-the most profitable year on the books their investors is prepared to more than 40 billion $ in dividend increases, Federal Reserve settings be damned.

She pretty much knew that this posturing back a year ago, when JPMorgan Chase (JPM), the largest U.S. Bank, blindsided the fed with the announcement of its dividend hike, two days before Ben Bernanke & co. thought news would go out. Let alone the fact that the whale in London was at the time a hole in the Bank profit and loss account bubbles; Morgan was the real evidence here declare the Federal Reserve, "Not the boss of me are you more."

In retrospect Wall Street by the generosity of the policy-makers from easy TARP has free conditions a long range largely consumer deposits disproportionately benefited. But you knew that it would not be true? And you had the power, will benefit from this knowledge-assuming of course that you had to survive the money and the stomach lining to the meltdown. The ultra-rich are cut-rate exchange traded funds, not only of the province. You have some outrage aside and bought a simple Bank ETF, which has tripled in four years. Too many of us were able to make such a bet but not entirely worry and trust make the system us, but unfair, it seemed.

Now we see again ascendant housing. Corporate profits break records, thanks in no small part a federal reserve-the richest Bank of the world-again to see both things happen.

"At least the first part of this rally is a solid and reliable footing," noted financial Blogger Barry Ritholtz. "Liquidity and generosity based the second half, that argument going on inorganic matter, first and foremost, fed." He estimates would the Dow 20% to 30% lower, the Fed is missing finger on the scale. "You can't," he said, "Underestimate its impact on corporate earnings."

March 9, 2009, was, it seems this once or twice per-generation moment, when the market completely capitulated. I well remember because it was the same week that a couple of BusinessWeek staff the new great depression and damage that would make it more accurate, called me, to put over their line from the editorial board. A liquidated her 401 k. In the other part of any faith, and she and I have since been revisiting this moment of truth each week-the better the next to go.

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