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Google launches on the same day delivery service

Google launches on the same day delivery service

Internet search leader Google takes a further step beyond information retrieval in food delivery.

The new service called Google shopping Express, first same-day delivery of food and other products online from a small group of consumers in San Francisco and suburbs that offer South of the town bought. The company based in mountain view, Calif., did not say, how many people are part of the test.

If the pilot program goes well, Google delivery service plans on other markets to expand.

"We hope that this will help users, the benefits of a local, same-day delivery service and help us the tires on the new service to connect", Google said in a Thursday statement.

The delivery is in Google's effort to improve confidence in the Internet consumer, have more options, online viewing to generate its sales the most.

Google has learned, the more time people spend online, the more likely are using its dominant search engine or one of their other popular services, such as the video site YouTube and Google mail, contain advertising.

The delivery could buy more online advertising Distributor, if Google's encourages consumers about their online shopping to do this on the same day delivery service, also stimulate. Having days to wait, or in some cases is one of more than a week for the provision of online orders of the biggest drawbacks of Internet shopping.

It is a problem, the Amazon and eBay, which have tried to solve, most e-commerce sites to operate, by we the same day service in some U.S. markets. Wal-Mart stores, the world of largest retailer, offers even same day delivery in five markets.

Are a mix of national, regional, and merchants in Google shopping express enter neighborhood. The most famous names on the list are target and Walgreen's. All dealers in the Google program will sell certain items on a central Web site. Google save courier service to pick up the orders at the dealer and then deliver them set at home or in the Office of the customer.

Although the couriers on a contract basis, they are issued Google-branded vehicles and uniforms society.

It remains unclear whether Internet shopping and same-day delivery can be profitable. Online food retailers Webvan broke in 2001, mainly because there was no pricing to develop plan, which would pay for the cost of delivery on the same day, without antagonizing against unwilling to pay buyers too much extra for extra comfort.

Google is still trying to figure out how much for his on the same day delivery service for free. Consumers do not have to pay a fee for the six-month trial in the San Francisco area. Instead, Google will earn at participating retailers.

Expansion of delivery on the same day there at the same time, which is preparing to Google some of its older on-line services to close, allowing it to devote more attention and money to other projects.

The realignment has angered some Google users. Have biggest complaints on Google Reader, the people to automatically receive headlines and links from their favorite sites allows, centered, and iGoogle, a page, consisting of from the Google search engine weather reports and stock quotes design set up by other online functions such as local allows surrounded.

Google Reader is expected to close in July and iGoogle is closed in November.

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