Friday, May 3

Manti Te'o shoots at the gate on millions of NFL draft

Brian Schactman, CNBC - 10 o'clock.

Five months ago was Manti Te'o a star.

Notre Dame linebacker was part of some college players, the a household name was when he almost the Heisman Trophy and led to the fighting Irish Championship game.

Most of the designs according to forecasts, he was a top-10 pick. And as a potential millionaire endorser, he might, no. 1 was.

Before everything is – gone wrong the poor performance in the BCS title match, fake girlfriend hoax that inconspicuous combine results in the boy scout movement.

All of these forces was once unimaginable on Thursday night: he was not even selected in the first round. That's right — 32 teams had the chance to choose him, and 32 national teams, which said "No thank you."

And he lost millions of dollars.

Look at it this way: If a NFL team no. 5 Te'o harvested, he'd signed for four years and $20 million, with about half of them have received guaranteed. The millions of a rookie contract would have probably voted by off-field endorsements.

None of this has materialized, and now he looks on a contract with him about half a million, maybe $2 million guaranteed pay off.

That is a loss of at least 8 million $.

"Even if he played 10 years in the League, which millions in the first four years, he gets never back," Economist Patrick Rishe said sport. "His endorsement value took an even greater success."

"Here is a man who in his senior year at Notre Dame, was a hot commodity" Rishe help. "If he performs well in the championship game, if it had no story about the hoax-girlfriend and he United not joined also the only will is drafted in the top 10 and more money, but he is more likely to receive the offers of confirmation of."

That is, what happened to West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith, and he was so excited that he then refused all interviews.

Smith was as projected the top quarterback draft, but there were selected only a QB in the first round. His name was EJ Manuel and not Geno Smith.

What Te' will give him no doubt fed o at any given time.

The rest is up to him.

"If he plays and works well, if he marketable player, if he is large in the community, all (other) things way washed one," Rishe said.

That's a lot of "Ifs."

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