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Carefully, "Franken food," interrupts S. Korea U.S. wheat imports

The examiner shows the process of analyzing a genetically modified wheat sample at a photo shoot in the Ministry of food and drug safety in Seoul May 31, 2013.

Wheat imports of US put South Korean Muller on Friday and the genetically modified wheat in the United States reinforced controls some Asian countries after the discovery of an unapproved strain.

But she held briefly to introduce bans on imports at a time when, if some countries are concerned about the impact of genetically modified crops, or "francs food" by opponents of the scientific techniques to improve crop yields, or make plants more resistant to disease and insects.

U.S. officials have been found race, global quelled the load of wheat developed by biotech giant Monsanto Co, alarm in the wake of the news in a field of Oregon last month. The discovery has already led, cancel large customer Japan wants U.S. wheat purchase, while the European Union said that it would strengthen checks.

South Korea - that last year about half of its total wheat imports by 5 million tons from the United States come - wheat, raised also quarantine measures on US feed, while Thailand ports on alert.

On Friday, US wheat prices for a second session on concern about the Outlook for export fell. Chicago Board of trade July wheat fell 0.47 percent on $6.95-1/2 bushel, 0.57 per cent concluded on Thursday.

The U.S. Department of agriculture said that the GM wheat, no threat to human health and also said there was no evidence that the grain had entered the commercial supply chain.

To fix the origin of the wheat, USDA extracted DNA from the tissue of the wheat plants collected by investigators from the Oregon field, and three institutions material to.

South Korean officials said that the United States of the rogue-GM strain to help its inspectors detect the DNA sequence, whether it was in other imported US wheat and flour had provided. Test results will be released on Monday, that South Korean food Ministry said.

"By this weekend, we collect also wheat and flour from the United States imported and runs checks next week," said a spokesman of the Ministry of food and drug safety Ahn man-ho.

South Koreans say that they be imported not US wheat until all tests are completed.

Asia import nearly one-third of world trade by 140 million tonnes more than 40 million tons of wheat annually. The majority of the region supply comes from the United States, the world's largest exporter, and Australia, the No. 2 supplier.

Japan not in a hurry, is wheat, alternative energy sources but finding the County flour milling industry bodies say that they have sufficient stocks in the short term.

"We have alternatives to the class or proposed candidates in the farm Ministry (for now) didn't even", said Masaaki Kadota, executive Director of the flour Millers Association of Japan.

But, Kadota added that it might be difficult for users to find alternative soft white types of wheat on the U.S. Western-White grade as wheat grown in Australia and Canada in particular that is medium to hard type.

An industry official in the mainly on US supplies, said that the country could turn to Canada, he decides Philippines, which is about to buy 4 million tons of wheat annually and supports are not importing from the United States

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