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5 Buffett takes with large head

5 Buffett takes with large head
| Meena Krishnamsetty and Matt Doiron, MarketWatch

Here are the largest holdings of Berkshire Hathaway from 30 March, who value investor appeal because of their low P/E-to-growth ratios.

Warren Buffett's company Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.A), its first quarterly 13F with the Securities and Exchange Commission filed last month. We have found that 13Fs used can generate to develop profitable investment strategies - an average excess return by 18 percentage points per year including the most popular small cap stocks among the hedge funds).

And it is always useful to moves by buffet, to examine its success story in excavations on the market value.

We also like to screen submissions by investors such as Buffett, stocks to find the different investment criteria, such as to comply with (PEG) proportions with low P/E to-growth. The PEG ratio connects the price earnings multiple analyst expectations for future growth, and while analyst predictions are often inaccurate, the ratio provides a way to assess a stock upside potential.

Here is a quick investments in the Oracle of Omaha investment vehicle take on the top five at the end of the first quarter, had the five-year PEG ratios of 0.9 or lower.

The holding company increased their share of DirecTV (DTV) in the first quarter of 2013 to a total of more than 37 million shares to 10%. Comes with a final result ratio multiples of 13 and with sell-side forecast high profit growth in the satellite-TV company, the PEG in much less than 1.

However, we would note that only 8% last quarter compared to the first quarter of 2012 results Germany grew. DirecTV was one of the top favorites in southeastern asset management portfolio; This Fund is managed by billionaire Mason Hawkins.

Oil and gas refining and marketing company Phillips 66 (PSX) was an another Buffett's high head takes potential with the filing of the disclosure of more than 27 million shares. Downstream oil and gas companies see generally low earnings multiples in the current market environment and the relatively new ConocoPhillips is no exception with both forward also trailing P / ES (COP)-Dreher 8.

With analysts we a five-year PEG ratio of 0,7 Phillips is expected to improve long term earnings per share received 66 such increased by 80% in the last year. Gilchrist Berg, Steve Cohen, Colin Hall and Manish Chopra include PSX positions to hedge fund managers with an upward trend.

Berkshire reported a position of 25 million shares at General Motors (GM), unchanged from the beginning of the year. GM trading around 11 times trailing earnings. Many market participants, including a large part of the analysts, billionaire David Einhorn and apparently Berkshire team also believe that the automakers for high growth are set, how U.S. consumers replace an aging car fleet and improve economic conditions in other markets.

However, recent reports show lower sales and earnings at GM as a year ago. General Motors made our list of the most popular stocks among the hedge funds in Q1 2013 (check out the full top 10 list).

Buffett was $29 billion market cap oilfield equipment and service provider National Oilwell Varco (NOV) between January and March to buy. In this assessment, the stock is trailing and forward P/es 12 and 10, respectively, and analysts are looking for enough growth, there is a peg ratio of 0.9.

While sales in the first quarter of 2013 strongly up was, however, net profit fell by more than 20%, and so we should to examine it before buying. Viking global, managed by billionaire and Tiger Cub Andreas Halvorsen, initiated a position of 2.7 million shares during Q1.

A new position in Berkshire Hathaway portfolio for 2013 was the 6.5 million shares of Chicago bridge & iron (CBI), a $6.3 billion market cap companies, which provides infrastructure engineering services primarily to the energy customers.

The company stands to benefit increased production of natural gas and so, while the subsequent result is several rather high by 21 analysts believe that it actually unterbewertet-- the same assessment is only 12 times forward earnings estimates. Julian Robertson, Siddharth Thacker and Ricky Sandler put on the stock exchange.

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