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Citigroup among 10 stocks to watch

Citigroup among 10 stocks to watch
| By Mark Baumgartner, MSN Money

One of the largest banks of the world appears on an MSN Money list of recommended stocks. Here are ideas for top investment StockScouters.

Still approaching the US economy along with the five-year anniversary of the chaotic and frightening phase of the financial crisis, hobble well below its potential to perform.

Now, four years after the recovery from the great recession many Okonomen--including Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke - express optimism that the US economy is finally ready to grow on its own, or at least with less Central Bank support.

The historical pace at which the Fed has liquidity in the financial system pumps, is an important reason that stocks come from its best first half since 1998.

Wall Street has indeed skeptical Bernanke's take on the recovery started, bid for shares of banking companies, partly on the premise that interest rates will be rising it more expensive financial institutions with healthy returns on capital employed borrow money thus presented.

Bank shares have outperformed the broader market in 2013. The Dow Jones U.S. Financials index ($DJUSFN) is to 17.8% exceeded until today of 13.3% gain for the standard & poor's 500 index ($INX) in the period, despite continued worry about global risks in the face of the financial services sector.

Shares of Citigroup (C), one of the "big four" banks in the country are to 20.5% in this year.

Citigroup is created on a daily ranking with StockScouter, a MSN Money tool that identifies stocks with strong growth prospects in the near future. All stock with Scout's ratings of 8, 9 or 10 shall apply to the list, which is then shortened to exclude stocks with trading volume among 50,000 shares per day. The remainders are mapped according to market capitalisation, sector membership, and whether they are growth or value stocks.

The New York Company is one of the world's largest providers of financial services. Citigroup is claiming in more than 150 countries and more than 200 million customer accounts. In addition to consumers, the Citigroup operates banks in investment banking, brokerage services, asset management and credit cards, with more than 50 million Citi-branded credit cards in circulation.

Citi's recent problems were also supersized. The company endured by laying off thousands of employees and dozens of underperforming and other companies to sell the financial crisis. As an example, the concept of "too big to fail", took a $45 billion Citigroup-rescue package by the US Treasury in 2008 and later a bank "Stress test failed", that his ability to survive a fresh shock to the stock market or a housing market evaluated to crash. Several lawsuits have been brought against Citigroup for its role in the subprime mortgage crisis.

The financial crisis will cost Citigroup its status as the world's largest company by assets (as measured by Forbes in 2008). But few banks can comply with Citigroup Global reach, and the company relies on international business for much of the future growth.

Citigroup was to market investment funds in China, where the first Western Bank credit card spend the company recently to local this week, was approved without co-branding of local financial institutions.

The decision, Citigroup and other Western banks in its fund market likely to let the Chinese Government, the Government looking for Chinese has assets long-term investments to build according to Bloomberg News. Citigroup already has the most access to Chinese customers of a foreign bank, Bloomberg mentioned, and mutual funds allow you to Citi asset management to increase significantly.

22 Analysts covering the company, 17 have "strong buy" ratings, one rates the stock "moderate buy", reviews have three "keep" 'and it has a"strong sell"-recommendation. "

Citigroup has an StockScouter rating of 10, which means that the stock is expected to be in the next six months with less than average risk to outperform the market.

American International Group (AIG)

Farm and construction machinery

Here at MSN Money, we think, that ours is about as good as's StockScouter rating system goes, if you are trying to decide where they invest. StockScouter looks for stocks whose company fundamentals, price, estimate and warehouse property features seem to based a rising price in future predictions as these factors of stock prices in the past have influenced.

The system assigns each bearing a much-anticipated six month return and balance this return against expected volatility of the stock. Scout rates stocks on a scale of 1 to 10, and reviews can change daily. Reviews and data in the table listed goods stand at publishing this article.

In addition to the daily top 10 list above, investment research firm of Verus Analytics StockScouter used described, (previously known as gradient Analytics quantitative business unit), to generate a monthly benchmark portfolio of stocks that has updated monthly since its inception in August 2001 the market grew.

An investor, who in 2001 began, through investments in each of the benchmark portfolio top 10 stocks at the beginning of the month, at the end of the month and then start fresh with a new group of 10 shares for sale would be is, before the trading costs and taxes until June 30, 2013 892% generated has been.

A columnist for MSN Money, with companies began working at the time writer Jon Markman, researchers on the tool. Markman suggested the top 10 stocks roll over every six months to keep trading costs, a strategy that may be a better fit for most investors. This would be different results which would vary based on your starting point.

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