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Energy independence in America: Finally in reach?

Energy independence in America: Finally in reach?
| MSN Money staff

An MSN Money special report: with the United States in the middle of an oil and gas boom, the tantalizing prospect of energy independence seems closer than ever before. But there are some big compromises on the road to self-sufficiency.

We have since the oil shock of 1973, a long way completed, if Arab countries of the price of oil during the production-the United States in a crisis have triggered. The American energy story is now completely different. The United States are the world's fastest growing oil and natural gas producer in the world, and it leads many to questions whether we are the long-sought goal of energy independence to approach. We finally could care for us?

Use of new technologies to tap huge underground deposits, holds out the promise of American energy independence-along with care of the environmental and health dangers. The stakes could not be higher.

Energy independence in America: Finally in reach?

Declare your independence from the power grid is more than any - doable, especially if you have $30,000 to spare. See your electric meter backwards turn what it takes to get.

Only three years after the BP disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, the region of oil industry boomt-- and it may be that only the beginning of a new cycle for long-term growth.

In the span of a generation, the idea of capturing power from sources other than fossil fuels or nuclear energy of utopian nonsense has gone, up to far in the national power grid. But now the country producing fossil fuels at prices not in years who use the alternative energy sector in a familiar Bindung--because if fossil fuel prices fall, interest in alternative tends to dry out.

Energy independence in America: Finally in reach?

From Fred flint stones foot-powered car on the Starship Enterprise Dilithium crystals, Americans have a rich history which introduce alternative energy sources for oil-free worlds. But what like science fiction just two decades probably been are - my dance floors, which produce energy and cars that run on chocolate-is quickly becoming reality.

A decade after the Americans finally ready again embracing nuclear power seemed to changing economic power and Japan's Fukushima catastrophe the industry have squeezed attempted comeback.

Energy independence in America: Finally in reach?

The number of vehicles in the United States anything other than plain old gasoline powered is still small, but growing steadily.

After the big market and a relatively mild withdrawal left many energy stocks to rally behind him. But they are lagging behind for the wrong reasons, say several asset managers, which can be generally used for outperformance on counted.

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