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PIMCO, 'alternative' Fund to push

PIMCO, 'alternative' Fund to push
| By Kirsten grind, Wall Street Journal

A recent SEC step allows the placing on the market of means which employs a variety of strategies outside of traditional mutual funds and ETFs.

Pacific Investment Management, that world's largest pension fund manager by assets, wants to hang with the hedge fund crowd.

The firm headquartered in Newport Beach, California, planning is an extension of the alternative investments business in the coming months to individual and institutional customers, target, including potentially forms of investment such as distressed debt investing in Europe launches new Fund.

Douglas Hodge, Chief Operating Officer of PIMCO's alternative investments called "a very important area for us," in an interview. He said that the company increased demand by investors of all kinds, as well as to changing regulations responds.

But the push for risky, complex products marked a turning point for the company, whose pension fund long safest and most reliable gave as some in the market.

The SEC moved last month to lift a restriction prohibiting, that hedge funds, private-equity firms and other companies to share private deals within the framework of the JumpStart our business start-ups Act, effective Sept. 23 to publish. PIMCO and other alternative products more directly to institutional investors and high net worth individuals can sell.

"The world will here due to the change JOBS Act," Hodge said.

While PIMCO, a unit of German insurer Allianz (ALIZF), already an alternative business has, it was through their large presence in bonds, including founder Bill Gross (PTTRX) PIMCO total return funds overshadowed. If successful PIMCO solid foundation in the area investors flock in droves to the expansion in alternatives offer.

The Fund is one of multi-bets largest and most famous so-called alternative cash PIMCO informal bond (PFIUX) with approximately 29 billion $ of assets under management. The Fund is "casual", inasmuch as it has the ability to invest in a range of fixed-income investments. Last year, there were 8.6% versus 4.2% for its benchmark, the Barclays U.S. aggregate bond index, according to Morningstar. The Fund was compared with a decline of 2.7% for the benchmark to 2.0% this year by 27 Aug..

Hodge says he is interested in investments in the distressed mortgages and commercial real estate loans are currently fragrance balance neutral an existing European banks, either to create funds to or new.

PIMCO recently poured a preliminary prospectus for a new liquid alternative Fund PIMCO trends managed futures strategy Fund called. Available for all investors, Fund in connection with interest rates, currencies, mortgages, loans and raw materials invested in derivative instruments. Hodge refused an opinion about the Fund, citing a legal time of silence, after signing up.

In the PIMCO small investors aiming these complex products, a class of this new Fund has a minimum of $1,000 for investment and $50 minimum for subsequent investments, other liquid alternative assets is similar to many of the company.

PIMCO, has $ 2 trillion $ assets in alternative business for over a decade. The company has about 110 billion $ of the assets under management in alternative cash and over $27 billion in private equity and hedge fund strategies.

Alternative cash or simply alternative funds employ strategies outside of traditional investment funds or exchange traded fund. These strategies may include, short, or bet against stocks or bonds. Investments in other asset classes such as commodities; and use of derivatives to hedge bets, according to experts. In some respects are similar to hedge funds and private-equity funds but are less exclusive and investors buy and sell faster to allow shares.

PIMCO is not alone in expanding the business alternatives. Fidelity Investments, the country of the second-largest fund company, has supported recently two liquid alternative assets. The company invested $1 billion of customer deposits in the first investment funds Blackstone Group (BX), investing hedge-fund companies money confers. Fidelity also investor put money into a Fund by Arden asset management in 2012. A fidelity spokeswoman said that investors diversification and portfolio strength makes the funds available.

PIMCO has faced challenges, as she tried to the bond business, specifically to add shares. The company brought Neel Kashkari, the US Treasury's troubled asset relief program during the financial crisis in 2009 on equity business expand monitored. But Kashkari left that company in January in the policy and then delineated the six new equity funds, only $10 billion he had started during his tenure after PIMCO asset. Kashkari declined comment.

Hodge said an alternative business PIMCO already, so the new push is not an attempt to diversify. The company still looking for a replacement for Kashkari.

Fund companies expand their alternative offerings in a bid to increase not only their asset base, but are also strong investor demand to meet, says Andrew Clark, Manager of the alternative investment research to fund research company Lipper. Investors poured $57.7 billion on alternative investment funds net this year to 31 July, compared with $23.9 billion for all 2012 according to Lipper.

Fund companies "see not their traditional base grow as they want", says Clark.

But regulatory authorities are beginning to take a closer look at alternative means available for retail or individual investors. The general concern is that brokers sell to people who can understand not the risks and complexity of the strategies involved.

Clark said at least some of these fears seem legitimate. "I don't think that individual investors really even understand it," he said.

Hodge PIMCO says the company deliberately for the investors with the correct information in its fund prospectuses and marketing materials.

"We want to invest people ranging from very conservative products with more risk - in one of our products - and they to understand, what they are getting into," he said.

A PIMCO spokesman added that the company sell not directly to private investors, marketing instead of financial advisor, usually know more about products.

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