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Do's and Don'ts to maximize the credit rewards

Do's and Don'ts to maximize the credit rewards
| By Geoff Williams,

Discipline and a careful strategy can all kinds of freebies to harvest, but make sure that you remember the golden rule: you carry a balance.

Free stuff, free trips and cheap gas. You know you can do it, and you want it. This is understandable, and it may be why you signed up for a credit card in the first place.

But as many longtime credit-card holders know, just because you offered a credit card, the rewards, it doesn't mean that you'll see them. There are right and wrong ways to ensure that you get the rewards that come with the use of your credit card. So if questions, getting the best from your piece of the plastic cake, follow these tips.

Carry a balance.You need to get everything out every month then your card to use, numbers to points against your rewards to get, but the manner which is value your credit card out, these treats. If you carry a balance, what you pay in interest could probably pay for what you in premiums received and the credit cards with rewards have generally higher interest rates.

Miss payments.It is a good way to lose your rewards, you have collected, and, of course, not a good idea for your credit score.

To get spending only to rewards. Yes, it's fun, rewards, but when you consider that a point usually is worth a penny you really don't do yourself any favors if you go that route. The rewards are an economic blessing, if you use them are, if you buy things, you are going to buy anyway, but at the moment that you spend, just to get the reward, you went off the Rails. Really.

Spread out with too many credit cards. If you have a whole bunch of credit cards, you'll probably find that you want to spend a little on a lot of credit cards, i.e. your reward points are distributed, and you'll dilute your premiums. Unless, of course, to be someone like Bill Gates, in this case, you can ignore this advice and, hey, great to meet you and thanks for reading this.

Read the fine printMany credit cards offer their cardholders a range of rewards, some of them quite amazing (you can get lessons with Chase ultimate rewards such as Ninja) and some of them pretty easily (booking facility on gas, that's great, but it's no Ninja lessons), but these rewards landing is more than just spending a lot of money and earn points.

Some credit cards are limited to the amount of the premiums, you able to earn in a given time period. Others have expiration dates to items, so if you do not use it by a certain time, are gone. Offered by some maps airline travel have blackout dates. So read the fine print, and if you really want the rewards you're after, make sure that you select a calendar for important dates, so you know when it's worth is really, use your map, what expenses are met for bonuses and when running certain repayments.

You are looking for ways to get more mileage out of your rewards.Sometimes, credit cards offer to double chances or triple your rewards points, such as, if you can in a hotel while traveling off season, or you find that you can get a money-back return quarterly, if you for certain categories of money. For example, you back may receive more money if you buy gas at a certain period of the year.

Use your credit card online shopping-portal.If you're going to certain things in most cases buying makes sense economically, by the credit card rules to play. For example, if you Citi Citi Bonus Cash Center and shop with her 400 online retailers, you can earn on average 5% cash-back. Discover ShopDiscover, has more than 200 retailers, where you earn up to 20% in cash back.

But don't assume that you're getting the best deal on these online portals. You can be, but if you have a coupon code for an item, online shopping mall to use may not you in the credit card. You have to order and look is to make you a little sure that you get the absolute best price.

Login your card on the issuer website. Yes, your email box is full enough, but you will receive e-Mail notifications about special offers. If you really want to maximize your chances, these offers are very important.

Getting a credit card with reward shows that you actually earn interest. That sounds obvious advice, but you know, it of really easy to read an article like this and get caught up in the excitement of the want to receive discounts on gas and earn this incredible experience, such as VIP access to concerts or going to a wine tasting. But not all rewards programs are the same. Not everyone likes wine or bungee jumping, or to determine that a reward program is better for an experienced world travelers, if all you want is a break from food and gas. Reward yourself, not the credit card company.

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