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Comcast, 9 to watch more shares

Comcast, 9 to watch more shares
The cable-TV giant no consumer win popularity contests, but the shareholders can't complain.

Compiled from StockScouter ratings of Verus Analytics

Like most TV provider Comcast (CMCSA) no consumer popularity win contest anytime soon. In fact, second the cable giant space in MSN Money 2013 "Customer Service Hall of Shame."

But look at some of the reasons why people like cable companies: high prices, that earlier. Expensive channel bundle. Excessive fees. These things can irritate customers, but they are probably increase Comcasts bottom line.

So customers complain, investors can probably not: CMCSA shares are 28 percent to handily beat the S & P 500 ($INX) year. The stock also appears on the list of the 10 top stocks to see immediately.

Comcast is also a diversified company: so that not only the content of your cable box feed, he is it, by brands such as NBC, Bravo and United States, not to mention movie heavyweight universal pictures produced by. On top of that, the company owns participation-driven attractions like the universal theme parks and the NHL Philadelphia Flyers.

Due to StockScouters analysis Comcast shares you want to outperform the market in the next six months.

Weatherford International(WFT)

We think that is the best tooks StockScouter rating system by Verus analytics and MSN Money, which you can use when you try to decide where to invest.

StockScouter seeks based predictions for stocks, whose company fundamentals, price development, estimating and stock ownership appear characteristics to a rising price in the future as these factors of stock prices in the past have influenced.

The system assigns each bearing a much-anticipated six month return and balance this return against expected volatility of the stock.

Scout rates stocks on a scale of 1 to 10, and reviews can change daily. Booth at publishing this article reviews and data in the table were listed.

In addition to the daily top 10 list above, of research firm of Verus Analytics StockScouter used described, (previously known as gradient Analytics quantitative business unit), to generate a monthly benchmark portfolio of stocks that the market has monthly updated since its inception in August 2001 surpassed.

An investor who started in 2001 by investing in each of the benchmark portfolio top 10 stocks to earlier in the month, at the end of the month and then start fresh with a new group of ten shares sale would be is before the trading costs and taxes, 915-31 August 2013% generated have been.

At the time, a columnist for MSN Money, with companies worked writer Jon Markman, researchers on the tool.

Markman suggested the top 10 stocks roll over every six months to keep the trade costs, a strategy that may be a better fit for most investors. This would be slightly different results, which would vary based on your starting point.

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