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How to prepare your "retirement-landing"

How to prepare your
| By Scott Holsopple, US & world news report

When ready, drop in retirement will make sure that you are ready with these eight smart financial steps.

You know that feeling when you fly all day, and you have almost to your holiday destination?

You're tired. You've changed time zones, and everything seems just a little off. As your plane on approach, you know, you should organize everything, but the thought is exhausting. You have to collect your garbage, your scattered things put together and maybe dig out a piece of gum.

You should be thrilled, because your holiday is fully underway, get but rings tired and nervous leaves you with the logistics... you know it will be great, but you cannot help but to wonder what you forgot.

This feeling may be similar if you "on approach" to retire. Here are eight tips to help you develop these pesky logistics, so that you'll be able to enjoy the golden years step by step:

1 Set your budget to approach retirement. Reduce your monthly budget gradually over several years, until you reach the level of spending, that you have budgeted for your retirement. She will avoid sticker shock retirement, plus you should contribute more money for your collect services -, because this surplus has to go somewhere.

2. Benefit of catch up posts that will help you kick start last on your retirement goals make. Beginning of the calendar year 50 man, increases the Tax Office of your collect services contribution limit. For example, can people of age 50 or more in the year 2013 one additional $5,500 in addition to the standard $ contribute 17,500 limit. (Other retirement plans have different limits.)

3Rd stay invested in stocks. Not overly aggressive moves with your retirement savings, but about different types of investments remain invested. As you approach retirement investing includes a balancing act – balancing the necessary protection of your savings with the need to increase your savings to exceed inflation.

4 Decide what to do when you first have ready in retirement, and about to go when the day comes you with your retirement dollar. She don't want to go into retirement and find themselves without income for three months, because you submitted your reports too late. To examine options, are leaving your money in your plan (if allowed) and the collect services distributions or roll your money to an IRA. I generally advise against taking a lump-sum cash distribution to all of your savings, but you are responsible for the ordinary taxes on all before taxes contributions and earnings and you could bump several tax brackets.

5 Have still doubt whether your savings will last through retirement, work a little longer. Financially, it's a win-win-win scenario. Another year working offers another way to max your collect services posts out and returns your investment a year to grow. Also, it's less a year, the you will have your retirement.

6 Long term care insurance to get. Long term care is covered by health insurance, so that it can deplete a nest egg retirement at an alarming rate. Most people approach retirement, be in a better position more favorable underwriting on long-term care insurance while instead of waiting until you retire.

7 To obtain life insurance. You want a legacy for your family to leave life insurance can be a good way to do this. In most cases as long as you care to name beneficiaries according to the death benefit are exempt from tax. As with long-term care insurance, you are probably better underwriting during the approach into retirement, as you will receive in retirement.

8 A financial advisor, you find trust. Not work with someone who pushes products, that you uncomfortable. You want to make difficult financial decisions a person who thoughtfully helps you manage your investments

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