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3 new ideas about retirement investing

3 new ideas about retirement investing
Business Week | By Kelly Greene, the Wall Street Journal

Some experts say it is time to rethink the nest egg. Here are three new strategies to your portfolio golden years-to extend, who prefer to have more shares.

Should experts begin, camp to rethink how much keeping people retired.

In general the new think, people more invested in equities, as of some traditional rules of thumb, such as such as subtract someone's age up to 100 to determine a portfolio allocation has suggested is should be. Man, that so much is new and controversial theory to claim that each other you should increase exposure, bearing moves into retirement.

What hangs in the balance: whether 78 million baby boomers can generate substantial enough yields, without to much risk, to create income, that last streams, as long as they do it.

Here are three different approaches that push financial experts that determine that people stronger investment in stock-should be even after you have collected the gold watch.

One of the biggest risks in dealing with investment, is to finance retirement, what risk has called "Sequence of returns". If you retire go and your investment big hit in the early years, you've been doing the money runs, withdrawals, years earlier than suffer if decent are earlier and later through a downturn.

To combat the problem, two researchers recently crunched the numbers and came to the conclusion that in many cases, investors recover their share ownership between 20 and 50 percent at the beginning of the pension and then ramp that, save it to a percentage of a year between 40 and 80 percent in the entire retirement number by phone should be. So leads, for example, a portfolio that starts at 30 per cent in shares and ends at 60% better on average than one that begins and ends with 60 percent shares.

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"You want to have has the lowest allocation, if your portfolio is greatest, and this will directly before and after retirement," Wade says Peacock, pensions Professor at who did the American College in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, research with Michael Kitces, Director of research which "is Pinnacle Advisory Group in Columbia, MD., if you are particularly susceptible to wealth to lose. Once you switch to retire, one has so much ability to change your plans and make again."

The researchers describe their asset-allocation recommendation, as a "u-shaped glide path," where the stocks begin as a large part of the portfolio, reject, and be raised in the course of time. In the ideal case that researchers say they see integrated asset allocation by target date based their recommendation Fund, retirement dates and times in an attempt, providing investors with their investment objectives on autopilot, allowing their assignments, uses you, Peacock says.

But so far target date funds, best keep a fixed share of wealth in stocks through retirement, and you still a declining share in stocks. "you may have bad results available with a declining glide path into retirement," warns Peacock.

Kitces says: "When I say 'You will invest more in equities later in retirement,' everyone freaks out." But he and Peacock say retirees actual behavior in the past, if more people relied on traditional pensions, corresponds to their findings.

Peacock says people who invested in shares, finance their fixed costs with a combination of pension and social security and other pension payments sometimes much of the rest of its assets. So at the age and the remaining value of this fixed sources of income had gone back effectively, substantially more of their investments in stocks.

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For years, many financial experts advised investors retired to weight their portfolios to bonds. Some now argue that the main underlying assumptions behind this recommendation is no longer applicable.

For one thing, says "We are ending a 30-year bull market in bonds," Lisa Shalett, head of the investment and portfolio solutions for Morgan Stanley Wealth Management. On the other hand, the investment horizon for most has extended pensioners from 10, along with the general rise in life expectancy for the US population to 30 years. And finally, the shift from pension plans to 401k retirement has more retirees depending on the investment gains for income.

"Put those three things together, and what he says is, we need a new approach," said Shalett. Bonds can no more than the driving motors in portfolios on counted that are three decades could have.

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