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Gender fair shows China's influence in the bedroom

MACAU - sexy lingerie, adult costumes, inflatable dolls, and much more are on display at an adult industry show in the Chinese territory has spread Macau, which shows, such as China's growing influence even to the bedroom.

The fourth annual Asia adult Expo began Friday with companies growing middle class of China's products is sexy. The adult industry is looking to tap mainland China and the Asian markets in the midst of the downturn in the United States and Europe.

Show exhibitors said that many Chinese have sex, now more open-minded views on the demand for their products continues. The Expo organizers said they plan similar exhibitions in other parts of China, which also from almost three-quarters of the worldwide sex toy pitchers, this year to start.

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Estimates of the size of the adult industry in China are difficult to obtain. But the State China daily newspaper said in a report that China produces 70 percent of the world of sex toys, last year, making it the world's largest manufacturer. The industry, with more than 1,000 manufacturers is worth about $2 billion per year, it said.

"The standard of living in China is rising and want to upgrade their lifestyle, so that needs of the market of these products,", said Bo Chen company's main product, when he in addition to samples of his, made a life-size and anatomically correct female sex doll rubbery, flesh-like material that sold for 16,000 yuan ($2,500).

Three years ago decided to begin sex toys, because he felt that it was an opportunity, but Chen owned a chemical factory in the Chinese province of Jiangsu.

Chen, President who Jurong Outlook toys & gifts manufacturing co., said that he and several friends pooled their money to the company for reasons.

He hopes to meet potential customers among 2,500 visitors and 30,000 members of the general public expected at the Macau fair. It was his first visit to the annual show, attended by 80 companies from 13 countries.

Chen's case is not so unusual, said Kenny Lo, Chief Executive of show organizer vertical Expo. Many Chinese manufacturers realized that they were their product lines to adults with minimal investment reap greater profits could optimize. It is decision-makers to sexy lingerie not as a big step for underwear and it is easy for companies to switch to the regular toys, sex toys, he said.

The United States and Europe have traditionally the biggest markets for the adult industry. But there is prohibition growth and competition and low margins are difficult for business life, said Lo slumping economy.

In Asia the market is so "there is much potential for growth," much more undeveloped Lo said. Adult product manufacturers have told him that in America and Europe, "it is a very hard time now, but in China and Asia, it is good."

Lo has said demand from suppliers his Hong Kong based company start with new exhibitions in other parts of China, starting with a show in October in Shenzhen, just across the border from Hong Kong asked branch. It shows in Fuzhou on China's East Coast and Qingdao follows in the Northeast. It is considered also in Taiwan and Singapore.

Other emerging markets are also the sources of growth. Renata Bertacini came from Sao Paulo, Brazil, which source elements for their boutique and online store Mimosexy.

«I have come to import new products from China to Brazil, new things, to find,» she said. Many products were elements, the they already shares, but at half the cost, their intermediaries secure at home for free, they can save money by to buy them directly.

At the Expo, vibrators in all shapes and colors, condoms, lubricants and enlargement were male and female dolls. A company was to sell coffee-tables, the erotic statues from.

"They are the Mainland of Chinese, very open for these sexual things," Lo said. "It is not something a taboo" more.

It is a sign of how new companies drive rapid social change in China. Before some decades men and women were strictly separated in many parts of life and clothing, which reveals little monotonous carried most of the people. There are today, shops, sexual AIDS in many cities and pornography, while officially banned, is often found on the Internet.

Is China is booming, that economy of driving the world's second largest, most part is these changes.

"Many of these people have money of the first generation." Before it was old money, was to show shameful, ", said Zach Goode, sales manager at electric eel, the global license to Hustler lingerie includes."

Now, China's nouveau riche want not only BMW's and Gucci, "they want to express themselves and have sexy shoes and laundry and have fun with him." "You are not so oppressed as the last generation."

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