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Report: Tunnel between us to Russia support

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The Times newspaper in the United Kingdom said, idea, a $60 billion-tunnel under the Bering Strait to construct that supports this week by some of the top officials of President Dmitry Medvedev.

The paper describes the idea as "the largest railway project of ever."

The tunnel would mean, Russian territory would U.S. jurisdiction among the islands of Big Diomede which is Russian, and little Diomede, the American is. Could be a problem, that there no line on the West coast of Alaska.

The times, with the name of one of the support of the plan as Aleksandr Levinthal, the Deputy Federal Representative for the East.

The idea of data more than a century; the unfortunate Tsar Nicholas II approved similar tunnel plans twice, but the first world war and then the Russian Revolution.

Cheaper, faster than container ships
The paper said, supporters of the idea believe it would be cheaper, faster and safer to move were all over the world as container ships, estimate it could be about 3 percent of the global and about 7 billion $ per year.

Levinthal and several other Moscow officials in a Conference in Yakutsk in Russia participated, discussed the improvement of infrastructures in the region, told the times.

A 500-mile railway line called between Yakutia, the Trans-Siberian railway is being built at present and is planning more track transport Russia mineral-rich areas connect to set.

"We further development of road and railway infrastructure here [in the Russian Far East] and improving the investment climate in Russia as one of the main objectives should," said Levinthal, according to the times.

The tunnel would be the first dry link between the two continents 21,000 years since a land bridge.

Stephen Dalziel, head of the Russian-British Chamber of Commerce, sound caution, suggesting that u.k. investors, were at least unlikely, that money in the tunnel project, until it actually started.

He said "It would be a good idea, if it worked".

The idea was in 2007 at a Conference in Moscow, called "mega-projects of Russia East." discussed.

George Koumal, President who interhemispheric Bering Strait tunnel and railway group, called the Governments to secure the tunnel in the session. He suggested that they bring closer together the two of the people, given the current lack of connections.

"There are very few [Russia] people who have stood on the beach in Alaska," he said. "Seemingly can stretch out your hand and touch mother Russia."

However, a Russian economy threw Ministry official cold water on the idea of questions that would have to pay for the project at that time.

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