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Fed has slowed down some options such as world economic growth

For the first time in decades, the fed as a toothless tiger is looking for.

It is clear that is several wheels of the world economy in the unison brakes, pressure on the world's largest Central Bank spur growth Assembly. But with the cost of borrowing already at historic lows, it is far from clear whether further measures, which are cheaper to help on money.

"they have a hammer and they are looking for a nail," said Alan de Rose, Managing Director of the Government trade and finance at Oppenheimer, Reuters.

The Fed Committee meets policy setting next week amid reports that it may be in the close of fresh Act, to stimulate the weakening economy.

Companies concerned about the inclusion of new risk and households ends with struggling to meet new data you show this week on an ongoing slowdown in the United States

The Commerce Department estimate of second-quarter gross domestic product, due Friday, is expected that slowed down to show growth in the first three months of the year from 1.9 percent to 1.2 percent. The slowdown follows a series of monthly reports on a weakening labour market and show a stubbornly high unemployment rate.

Still, the impact of a deepening of the recession in Europe feel American companies. Surveys of Europe's private sector this week, showed that the contraction that began in weaker economies of the eurozone has now spread to Germany and France. In the 17 countries that use the euro, the production has fueled issue. Consumers are gloomy as it 2009 already.

As the European meltdown on the entire U.S. economy weighs, States are dependent on vulnerable heavily on exports, by the deepening crisis overseas.

If the reduced global credit markets in the fall of 2008, central banks around the world quickly exhausted they reliably have used the primary tool, for decades fight financial fires: slashing interest rates given for money directly to banks. Despite these efforts, the world economy into a nasty recession slipped.

Since the Fed has a number of new tools, including the purchase of some $2 trillion in bonds to lower prices on other forms of credit, see you mortgage deals. For a time those movements seemed to revive growth: gross domestic product and setting picked last year, and the housing market seemed stabilized have.

Despite a flurry of press reports of possible new moves, that is not expected fed to make fresh announcements before their next meeting two days policy next week. Even most of the measures under consideration have been tried already.

Buy more bonds could help, support to the financial markets, but would do little to spur lending. With interest rates at or near record low extending the promise, the extremely low prices on 2014 out by itself provided probably not for the promotion of businesses and consumers to take on more risk.

So, with the world economy slows, the Fed deeper in his Toolbox reached.

With borrowers on the sidelines are considering measures to try fed policy, the bankers make more money in the system slide prod. Such a move would be to reward banks that borrowed more loans, an idea to make a recent program launched by the Bank of England. Bernanke indicated to reporters in June that the Fed was considering the plan.

Another measure to the urge to move bankers make more money from their depots and again in the economy would mean cutting the interest rate the Fed pays financial institutions Park which keeps their money at the Central Bank, is that now lies at 0.25 per cent.

But no matter how many new, that they are trying moves, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke has acknowledged that the impact of these measures will be limited. When he last week legislators faces of the Central Bank warned that major obstacles, their task of strong growth and stable prices that are beyond their control.

"Rest in the United States continue to by a number of other headwinds, including the still tight credit conditions for some businesses and households, and the restraining effects of fiscal policy and fiscal uncertainty, be withheld", Bernanke told a Senate Panel.

Translation: Businesses and consumers are still have a hard time for loan. And unless Congress and the White House, head of the emerging $600 billion "fiscal cliff" increased massive taxes and spending cuts, there is little the Central Bank can do to avert a further recession.

The Fed is not alone in its predicament.

Seems to be now locked in a coordinated slowdown with the world central banks around the world have been the system with money to businesses and consumers to borrow and spend prod floods.

But still, that the world economy will lose momentum. The downturn is most evident in Europe, where a deepening debt crisis weigh on business and consumer confidence and hammering of the banking system.

Like the American fight European Central bankers to push money into the economy. But deep Government spending cuts in Greece and Spain many households without content spend leave have. And in the middle of a debt-induced are a financial storm, companies and consumers across the continent to lend no desire. A closely watched European Central Bank survey showed Wednesday, that the demand for loans remains weak in the euro area.

In China show slowed rapidly, the forward movement of the last big economy. Although still is booming compared to the developed economies, try Chinese officials to control their emerging economies on a course, maintains the robust growth but avoid a ruinous run up prices.

After the adoption of measures last year to a new bubble to cool, Beijing moves now to resume growth. But these measures are likely to be too limited to help to revive the rest of the world economy.

Reuters contributed to this report.

Discussion about the State of U.S. markets and whether further Fed action is necessary, with CNBC Contributor Joe Lavorgna and Ron Insana and CNBC by Steve Liesman.

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