Thursday, October 11

Buzz: Take this job and shove it (in your dreams)

With the unemployment rate to 8.1 percent, most people have the luxury of leaving their jobs at all, let alone in a dramatic way.

But we can certainly dream.

Prompted a post this week on the dramatic manner, who have said some people "I hear" many readers to confess that they, also a dramatic departure from their place of work - in their minds anyway.

Many readers conceded that their imagination leave includes scenario to win the lottery.

"My dream was always in the lottery win, take over the command of the company intercom and you read my (expletive) list." "Ahhh!"a reader wrote.

Other readers conceded, even though she had dreamed of a grand finale, instead they had settled for an everyday excursion.

"I worked for a church;" The priests have said should be that for lent, I my job was, "Wrote a reader."

Instead, the reader submitted a regular letter of resignation.

An other readers was apparently saved by the temptation dramatically through our history of stop.

"I am glad that I read these lines." "I am my boss to tell what a big idiot he is, on the edge, but get first then tell a better job him, how I feel," wrote another.

Many readers told their real stories about actually leave jobs dramatically, but many others shows booked against burning bridges, no matter how tempting it may be.

"It is possible without losing your professionalism and maturity by the sink to their level to leave." "Why give you more influence them?"a reader wrote.

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