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The most innovative companies in America

The most innovative companies in the United States are diverse, hailing from both coasts and leading industries of open-source software to medical care. What all 10 together is the desire, often after industry already to keep developed standards. Within this central innovation is anything but passive.

No. 1:
World-class: 1

Cloud computer King, tops Forbes list of most innovative companies in the world for another year, that makes it also the most innovative company in America. The company maintains its lead with a clear innovation strategy. Read the complete list to see what has to say CEO Marc Benioff on innovation.

No. 2: Alexion
World-class: 2

The second most innovative company in America's anemia drugs of Solaris IRIS will gross $1.10 billion revenue this year and its shares have exceeded Apple since 2007. More information about Alexion check out Matthew Herper history at, as this company is innovative.

No. 3:
World-class: 3

After initial success of other peoples books sell this huge online retailing has now more than 20 million products stocked. The third most innovative company in America sold more than other manufacturers were. Thousands of companies use the cloud computing services and Amazon's Kindle fire accounts for 22 percent of the U.S. tablet market.

Amazon has by constantly to reinvent and reinvesting relevant. It has not only dividends since IPO at $18 in 1997. The original shares have split three times, now what 452,070 million shares outstanding. Now that was worth more than $245 per share.

No. 4: Red Hat
World rank: 4

"We everyone's daily life affect lives", says Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst. "Whether you want money out of ATMs, to buy a ticket or one Commons trade do not look, but we are in the background does make all that stuff that happen."

Red hat, produced, curated, and manage open source software. Developers from around the world use and improve the software. Red hat makes supported versions of products that well in open sourcing and systems personalize big business to help make money from companies. Imagine if the Windows operating system or Mac, running your laptop was completely customizable.

The idea of transparency and cooperation the infusion of the entire plant. Even mission statement was a group effort. "Red we hat on the products that we have, than with innovations work our customers, says Whitehurst innovative."It goes to community-driven innovation. "It's not come with what technologies require large companies, we work with Google and Amazon and other large companies to help to solve their own problems." The only listed open-source-software companies, Red Hat pass sales $1 billion last year for the first time.

No. 5: Intuitive surgical
World-class: 6

Intuitive surgical has 2.341 since Vinci Surgical systems installed in hospitals all over the world. This ergonomically designed robots have four arms, 3D is equipped with a camera and high resolution and the others keep traditional surgical tools. The camera allows a doctor to see a high resolution live feed of the insides of the patient. As he works, movements of the hand of the doctor on the instruments be scaled so that the whole procedure by a score of 1-2 cm can happen. The technology minimizes scarring and recovery time.

In July, intuitive surgical announced profits, 26 percent from a year to $537 million in the second quarter. Instrument and accessories sales accounted for 30 percent of income.

Rounding out the top-10 innovators in America are:

No.6: Edwards Lifesciences , No.7: FMC Technologies , No.8: Cerner , No.9: Monsanto and No.10: Perrigo. For more information about these companies, our gallery of the 10 most innovative companies in America.

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