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Capuchin monkeys also recognize unequal remuneration

Capuchin monkeys also recognize unequal remuneration

By Dana Macario, today registered users
You are doing your job, you get paid. Is life good, isn't it?

Unless you a monkey bist-- and you, that your contact will receive a better reward than you see exact for this same task.

Frans de Waal, a primatologist and Professor, Emory University led an experiment at the Capuchin monkey years 10 ago, which he called "Fair trial". During the study two monkeys were asked each to perform a task, to get a reward. You're a monkey, a piece of cucumber is an acceptable reward, but you know that you really talk to the family if you rewarded with grapes.

In the viral video, uploaded to YouTube in may for the first time a monkey closes the required task (the transfer of an employee's lab a little rock), he is paid with a small piece of cucumber. But then discovered the monkey, that his buddy with a Traube--valuable currency in the world of monkey-will be rewarded for the exact same work. Well, that did not fly. What wanted to fly were pieces of cucumber as the first monkey, now green with envy, pound the table of protest and rattling the walls of its cage.

"So, this basically is the wall street protest, which you see here", says de Waal, referring to the movement occupy Wall Street.

In 2003, de Waal as his colleague Sarah Brosnan, published their findings in the journal nature. That went viral video from may, with more than 1.2 million views.

Joy Jernigan contributed to this report. Dana Macario known writers, such as capuchin monkeys, a Seattle area, a case of want to have every now and then.

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