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Grocer, 70, are shops to its employees - free

Grocer, 70, are shops to its employees - free

Just in time for Christmas, a departing Minnesota is grocery store owners give a gift - owned its three stores its approximately 400 employees.

Instead of accepting anyone who received several offers from the large national chains to buy his business, becoming Joe Lueken, 70, village food in Bemidji, Minnesota, and another in Wahpeton, N.D., transferred ownership of his two Lakeland to its employees as part of an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP). The transfer of ownership to the staff of the family Lueken begins in January and not, Employeees costs no money.

The amount of shares that each employee receives will be on content or are based. The program will pay off expected the family Lueken for sale in three to five years, according to a report in the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

"My staff largely responsible earn some benefits for any success that I had and they get", Nigel told the Star Tribune. "It is not always possible. You have to give back."

After by being taught his sons, that she are interested in not the business that were, was Nigel and his family with the employee stock purchase plan transfer ownership.

"We could have hired a Gunslinger from Minneapolis but, that would be not good because of the wage to the right people, not sit" Lueken Sohn Jeff told the Star Tribune.

After 46 years in the business is Lakeland, who has Parkinson's disease, to travel the world in retirement with his wife. Lakeland last week announced that Brent Sicard, who began a janitorial job at Lakeland in 1998's and worked his way up to a top management position as President and Chief Executive Officer of the company will take over.

Nigel looked like a regular guy even as his business grew, driving vans for the company and hang out in the break room with other employees in the years after the Star Tribune.

Sicard, "Joe would arrive at 03: 30 in the morning," said the newspaper. "No one could outstock Joe. Nobody could outwalk Joe. Nobody can outthink Joe. He can go through a $2 million stock and how much there is tell you within a few thousand dollars."

Has the Bemidji help also for charity for years Lakeland scholarships to students in emergency State University Foundation given.

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