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School fires a pregnant woman about sex before marriage

In October, says Teri James her superior at San Diego Christian College, she called to her Office and got quickly to the point: James was pregnant?

James, 29, El Cajon, California, was actually pregnant - and it was a violation of the rules of the school, also unmarried, according to the lawsuit, the she in San Diego County Superior Court. She says she was fired because the termination letter contain in the suit called: "Teri activity pursue not within the scope of the Guide and Community Association, which the College mission cannot be created."

By phone with her attorney, Gloria Allred, James said that she felt humiliated.

"I had to leave directly after the meeting. "I was in the Office with all of my employees go and say that I am", James said. "I never came back, so I don't know thought what my staff, but for me, it was humiliating. I felt like in difficulties."

Also insulting, James said, was that after they fire the school offered a job her then-fiance - they are now married, even though it knew that he, exert even premarital sex. He the job has not adopted, she said.

Filing the lawsuit, James joins a group of women, who dismissed the religious schools, which have complained in recent years for pregnancy outside of marriage. In any case, the school pointed to moral codes, "community alliances" and manuals, staff, every year must sign much promising school usually to comply with rules.

San Diego Christian College requires that its employees sign its "community Covenant", a two-page contract, which asks its community, staff and 500 students on-site includes, to refrain from drugs, alcohol and tobacco "abusive anger, malice, jealousy, lust, sexually immoral behavior including premarital sex, adultery, pornography and homosexuality, evil desires and prejudices based on race, gender or socio-economic status."

"We all had to sign," said James. "I needed a job in this economy and so I never thought that something would - happen I needed just a job."

Allred added: "it says not, that you be triggered if you do not meet."

San Diego Christian College did not respond to repeated requests for comment. The College has not responded to the lawsuit.

James, who had worked at the College grants for two years as a specialist, signed the letter in August, weeks before she became pregnant. She is currently six-and-a-half months pregnant with a boy, due in June.

In the last two cases from Ohio to say two moms-to-be that they were fired by Catholic schools, after they said the principals in their schools, you are pregnant.

Kettering, Ohio Ascension Catholic School was first class teacher Kathleen Quinlan in the fall of 2011 with twin girls pregnant. Four days after Christmas in the same year was she told that they lose their job they would be filed after a complaint in December in U.S. District Court in Southern Ohio.

The lawsuit notes that Quinlan was no ordinary priest and that it led to no children in prayer. The point like random, but involves the Supreme Court a reference to a unanimous decision in the year 2011, Hosanna Tabor v. EEOC handed down. The High Court dismissed a lawsuit by Christian school teacher, who claimed that she was discharged for a disability, say that churches and their schools can choose their believers will serve.

Court records include Ascension school letter to Quinlan, which stated that she was dismissed because they were not observed the teachings of the Catholic Church. But her suit says that her sex of her release, she played a large role because it is not obvious if men have sex before marriage.

The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Cincinnati filed a response to the lawsuit this week, admitting that her church leaders had said that she was pregnant and that she was fired for a breach of contract.

In the nearby Cincinnati, Ohio, Christa slides, which oversaw computer systems at Holy Family and St. Lawrence schools, became pregnant by artificial insemination. After the 2011-suit, which they in U.S. District Court filed, she says that she was dismissed because the church officials said that artificial insemination is a violation of the teachings of the Church.

The Court passed its decision last month, not in slides favor because she very had to experience with a long-term female partner, a violation of the Treaty, which she said that the Church had violated. But the Court found that they could be viewed no Ministers because they are not Catholic and was not responsible for the ru. The Court said it was not enough, call to her a role model, simply because it was attached to a religious school.

A school can fire so an unmarried, pregnant woman?

Simply put, Yes, if she violated a school contract. But it has not clear cut, as these claims not settled case-law, Spokeswoman Christine Nazer said the U.S. equal employment opportunity Commission by e-Mail.

An organization may require not to engage employees in premarital sex but can not fire her because she is pregnant, Nazer said.

Back in San Diego County, James says that she hopes that the action will change the lives of women employed by Christian organizations.

"I want to say the way, prepare Christian organizations, you can not to fall back," she said. "You can not people like this damage. "If you say that you love and mercy and Gnade--are you are for those who are weak."

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