Thursday, March 7

Tech companies cash in Yahoo's Telework ban

Forget the corner office. The most coveted workspace of the employee kitchen table or home office is in 2013.

Almost try that Yahoo every day from June, show staff with work from home arrangements at the Office would be smaller tech companies, disgruntled workers to advertise, a week after a leaked memo reveals.

A display at the beginning of this week, drew Anderson, CTO of digital media startup hit lab United States Inc., Craigslist with "Yahoo television workers welcome" in the title.

Anderson received two days between 100 and 200 responses — up to 10 times its usual response rate. "A handful" of applicants, he said, were current Yahoo employees.

Anderson said that even a better caliber of job applicants give for its display was. "The range of experience is wide and only the general response has been very good," he said. "I am the event use how to use... it is a great tool for me."

Shortly after the memo was leaked, took some companies invite you to come to Twitter Yahoo employees work.

Marc Garrett, CEO of the software developer's Intridea, promotes a flexible scheme of his company:

Hey #Yahoos: you come to work @intridea if you are forced to stop with us. We all work from home from!

So Sara Rosso, an employee of Automattic, leads the popular WorldPress content management system:

@Marissamayer ban for distant Yahoo peeps, disappointed coming to @Automattic! :)

"People want the freedom to work, to be able to give", said Silke Fleischer, CEO of mobile app developers ATIV software, based in Santa Rosa, California Ativ 11 all remote employees. Daily meetings and even job interviews all over Skype performed, she said.

While Yahoo telework the water cooler conversations, Fleischer said ban could bring back, are "we Skype all day long... that what we communicate."

What CEO Marissa Mayer right, experts say, it was clear that Yahoo with productivity and cooperation to fight problems and steps to solve the problem. Her mistake was these steps in the wrong direction.

"She could this situation regardless of whether telework, went", said Dayna fellows, President of consulting firm WorkLife performance, Inc. Yahoo's general prohibition on work from home is "a little baby and bathwater," you said, "It will not solve what I think that they are trying to solve."

The average office workers spend about 80 percent of their time working on tasks, the concentration and focus, with the rest collaborative, require, said Richard Kadzis, spokesman at CoreNet Global, with clients on strategic management of real estate and workplace works resources. Work from home part time employees in the most productive environment can be both, he said. He said "Distractions are minimized,".

In addition to the increase in productivity, a good telework program helps companies to reduce costs. Companies, about a quarter of the workforce working with remote save 10 to 15 percent on their real estate overhead, Kadzis said.

Fleischer said that how your company could benefit from Yahoo's new policy. "It could actually make free Yahoo's talent."Smaller companies to be sure these other options can offer, she said. "However, they can offer freedom."

After the leak of an internal memo telling Yahoo employees, that they are no longer allowed, will work from home CEO Marissa Mayer is encountering intense criticism, especially colleagues working mothers. NBC Kristen Dahlgren reports.

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