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Make sure: ranking 6 driving distractions

Make sure: ranking 6 driving distractions
| By Chris Kissell,

As soon as many hours behind the tax was deducted, that will be a little pedestrian drive (no pun intended). Driving distractions abound, but - be careful.

Driving is a part of everyday life for most Americans. It's so banal that we rarely imagine the potential danger that exists around every bend in the road. Auto insurance companies, these risks are known and their policies according to price.

But there are dangers not only on the street - they are also inside the vehicle, shown as a study of the AAA Foundation for traffic safety.

It saw a number of activities and how likely they are "cognitive distraction"-in other words, a tendency for a driver to wander to create spirit. Bruce Hamilton, Research Director of the AAA Foundation, says that tests show that some in the vehicle have little impact on the ability of the rider on the road to concentrate distractions while others represent a greater risk.

In addition, says some technological innovations make safe driving fail to do so, he.

"Hands-free does not mean no risk, and this is the best evidence to date, which shows that," Hamilton says.

The following examines some distractions AAA and on the scale of the threat rank.

AAA saw several potentially dangerous distractions that can distract a driver.

Participants in the study were asked to perform every task in three separate settings:

While not driving.While driving in the Simulator.Beim driving in a real situation.
Various measures were used to the distraction, including brake reaction time and distance, brainwave activity and eye and head movements determine.

The topics in the radio heard in the early phase of testing. You the radio to a comfortable level before the ride and then were allowed not to change the station.

The bottom line? With your car radio, along with your favorite tunes, hum or the latest news clearly directs, not the study found.

"We are not raising the alarm about people listen to the radio," Hamilton says.

In this section of the study, participants were asked to choose and listen to a passage from one of the three books. (And for you trivia buffs, were the passages: "The giver" by Lois Lowry;) "Water for elephants" by Sara Green; and "Harry Potter and the sorcerer's stone" by j.k. Rowling.)

The participants received a simple 5-question quiz about the content of the passage, then to ensure that they were aware.

The level of distraction when drivers are engrossed in an audiobook was slightly higher than belongs to the driver only on the radio.

However, Hamilton says the difference is not significant enough to warrant alarm, and that distraction would remain relatively low overall level.

The amount of deflection was a bit more elevated, as test participants chatted with a passenger in the car.

During the test, drivers were asked after a conversation with a passenger. Participants were asked, as the half time talk, and listen to spend the other half.

Distraction exceeded levels half way between activities that are not disruptive at all, and those that greatly disturbing.

Interestingly, it appears that the mere act of conversation is disturbing. Driver could not turn their heads the passenger while speaking consider still to perform actions such as hand gestures that could lead to the madness.

"They told all the time to keep their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel", Hamilton says.

For years car security advocates have hand-held cell phones car insurance companies and other critics accused and major distractions and lead to accidents and deaths.

As a result, have more than 10 States plus the District of Columbia all drivers use portable phones forbidden. D.C. and a majority of Member States prohibit novice with a handheld phone behind the wheel.

The AAA test in fact found that talking on a cell phone leads to elevated levels of distraction that.

Jonathan Adkins, Deputy Managing Director of the Association of Governors Highway Safety says drivers should not try to multitask with the drive and should discard their phones.

He says that the Club all States ban handheld cell phone use and to promote SMS from drivers.

"Any kind of cell phone use while driving is dangerous," says Adkins. "The best practice is the phone turn off and focus on the driving."

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